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The legend of Erl Continent is very intriguing and mysterious. Although it has been gone for a long time, people still wish to understand the lost civilization. It is common knowledge that the New Continent originated from Erl Continent's demise. Discover the world for yourself, you will find that this journey is full of challenges and adventures.

Welcome to the world of Freesky!

I. The history of the Erl Continent

Welcome to Freesky 222819500

The New Continent originated from the continent known as Erl. All we know about the Erl Continent is mere legend. Any traces of the Erl culture have been lost for over a thousand years, after three floods destroyed all remains of the civilization. Legend tells us that those few centuries on the Erl Continent were full of wonder:

It is said that the Erl Continent developed highly-advanced spells. Researchers combined their skills with magic forces to create a strong supernatural power, "Magic". The Archon realized the far-reaching significance of the spells, and began to cultivate magic, offering support for more in-depth research. It didn't take long for magic research to infiltrate every corner of the Erl Continent, launching it into a golden age. Unfortunately, the development of the civilization ultimately led to its collapse. The infamous "Freesky" can be blamed for this tragedy.

No one knows what the Freesky is. It could be a real structure or an imaginary entity. The only thing that is certain is that it was formed from Shadow Magic, a new means of communication. People went to Shadow Magic Stations where, with the help of a magician, they could be brought to a virtual world to talk with any person they wished, regardless of the distance and remoteness of their location.

First the technology was applied to the military but it gradually extended into all areas of daily life. It was the greatest invention in the their history but its overuse lead to a massive disaster. A student of Shadow Magic created a method which enabled people to live out their dreams. He developed a special type of air in Freesky that lets people experience a different life when their spirit enters it. They could experience the life of a warrior, a princess or an emperor, any life they desired was possible. It provided a joy that couldn't exist in the real world. Soon this technique became very popular. A whole range of people wanted to enjoy this experience, loyal ministers to ordinary villagers, everyone was eager to escape from their boring daily trifles and indulge in an illusionary world. More and more people were using this form of escapism and the Archon realized that this could generate many problems. However greed overshadowed their doubt and they decided to let it continue.

They could not have known what they had wrought upon the world, but soon productivity declined substantially, disease and disaster spread, rebellions arose and the empire began to weaken. The Archon decided to steal the Freesky, but they couldn't prevent the collapse of the continent. During the Erl's last declining decades two massive floods submerged numerous cities and farms. After the flood waters subsided, people fought over the remaining land and resources and the whole continent descended into evil, violence and hatred.

During this time, the Archons performed the "Elite Plan" twice in an attempt to save the population but the flood had brought with it too much evil and destruction and people could not rely on the Elite Plan to survive...

Thus the Erl came to the end of their chapter in history…

II. The birth of the New Continent

Welcome to Freesky 482812742

The "Elite Plan" gave the Erl population a chance to save their civilization. There are two different interpretations of this "Elite Plan". According to the national Deity Church, the Archon chose a group of warriors to look for a new continent but the Irregular Church maintains that the Archon abandoned the people and left them to live on the endless ocean. Both sides have their own supporters. While the upper and middle classes back the national Deity Church, the poor agree with the Irregular Church. We can never know which side is correct, all we can be sure of is that the New Continent is where the remaining Erl population started a new life.

If the Erl Continent was the Magic Age, then the New Continent is the Technological Age. No one knows the reason where the magic went, but the memory of it has gradually disappeared, and is known only in legends now.

Unfortunately, the founding population of the New Continent suffered a terrible "Dark Period" during those early years. No one can imagine the dismay at finding hope, a spring of life, after all the hardships only to then face another catastrophe. Another terrible flood on New Continent caused a horrible disease which turned the body black and purple.

It spread so fast that an infected person died within seconds. Then, someone suggested organizing a new fleet which could leave the plagued land. Faced with the choice between the cruel reality in which they found themselves and an uncertain journey, people chose to stay.

It's impossible to fully describe the course that led to the discovery of the first Holy Spar. Most of the Holy Spar is embedded deep under the earth, only the top is visible.

The real marvel is that there is always a round pool surrounding it. The tip of the Holy Spar secretes a type of liquid which shimmers at night as it leaks into the surrounding water. The first person to find the Holy Spar might have been attracted by its amazing radiance. Risking the consequences, he drank from this holy pool and in the end discovered the entity which would save the New Continent for over a thousand years.

After the Black Age, the Pioneering Age began and cultural development was delayed for decades. The last survivors of the Erl Continent gave birth to a new population who had no knowledge of the civilized world, or of magic. The history of the Erl Continent faded with each subsequent generation. The New Continent saw the transformation from Pioneering

Age to ancient tribal groups, from feudalism to monarchy and finally an age of highly-developed scientific power, the "Sacred Noah Empire" which would forever determine the pace of the New Continent.

III. Rise of the Sacred Noah Empire

Welcome to Freesky 621434307

The dynasty before the Empire was a monarchy system referred to as the Ode Dynasty. By the end of the Ode Dynasty, the ill-fated royal family lost control of the continent. When the only prince died, some malicious chancellors planned to subvert the regime by starting a fight for Saint Spar city. The main support for this operation came from the Christian Church and three of the most powerful families in the continent. This is also the origin of the "Round Table Dance Drama" which is now known as the "Comical Drama".

Their plan was very successful and the battle between the Holy Spar cities easily caused the collapse of the monarchy and the defeated queen was forced to commit suicide. The people who started the war were seen as heroes who liberated the masses. The Ode dynasty ended and the war was over but the church could not hold onto the power. The three powerful families began fighting with each other; each taking the credit for the plan and wanting all of the rewards. In the end, only one family survived and, after suppressing the church, they built the Sacred Noah Empire. Fortunately this tragic farce gave rise to the empire.

Having learnt from the downfall of the Ode Dynasty, the country adopted a parliamentary system. The first emperor came from the surviving family but then each subsequent emperor was to be elected by parliament. However, the parliament was unable to restrict the power of this one family and several generations saw an emperor who was either from this family or a contact of the family. This was mainly because the old church, which was responsible for the "Comical Drama", financially supported them. The church had set up the Deity Church under the name of National Church as they wanted to give the illusion that they were "God's Prolocutor" and not run by a body of influential people. They would secretly collaborate with the emperor for hundreds of years. As time passed many things changed, some more obvious than others. The four opposite forces: Saint, Magic, Light, and Shadow are obvious but it's less evident how they are all intricately connected. The Holy Spar war continued throughout the establishment of the New Continent and so the "Civic Guards Plan" was created to gain possession of the Holy Spar but this caused dissatisfaction within the empire and resistance movements became apparent. Opposition forces united magic to start guerrilla-style battle with the empire.

The imperial includes archon and their followers' church, parliament and its defender the Deity Church but it could not avoid disagreements between them. Holy Spar is controlled by archon while Deity Church has the monopoly of Magic Spar. Both want complete control but hold fast to their own sources of power. The relationship of the anti-imperial is easier to understand. It's comprised of magic and shadow church but there is no conflict between them. Even though they share a common opposition to the empire, they pursue their own beliefs.

Saint, Magic, Light and Shadow have been popular for many years. They balance the empire's power. Nobody is troubled by how many conflicts have occurred between them, in fact their conflicts only serve to stir local gossip.

This is not the product of mere fantasy. There has always been a power to balance the four forces. The "Prophecy of Century", issued by the Shadow Church, predicts the consequence of a conflict between these forces. Throughout the ages, there is always someone desperate to know the answer regardless of the empire or civilization.

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IV. Development of Science in Empire

Welcome to Freesky 927996483

The establishment of the Federal Acropolis is symbolic of the time when the Empire began to develop technology. The Empire Academy includes the Military Academy, Natural Academy, and Culture academy. This period of technological development is called the "Technology Renaissance Age" and is marked by its landmark industry, the "Floating Dynamic".

On its own the Magic Spar is not able to float. In order to float the Magic Spar must absorb and store energy from the Holy Spar, from which the Natural Academy learned how to create a repulsive force. Using this repulsive force, the Natural Academy created the first airship. This principle is known as "Floating Dynamics". Soon after creating airships the Natural Academy imagined using the same principle to float a large area of land. The plan was ambitious and suffered many delays, but no one wanted to admit defeat.

Eventually scholars managed to float some portions of the land, the most famous being the first Floating City and the Greenbelt Ladder Forest.

The Floating City obviously requires a compatible transportation system. Although a form of airship had been in existence during the Ode Dynasty, heat had been the only fuel and it was insufficient for extended operation and could not guarantee speed and safety. The invention of Floating power compelled the empire to immediately set up the Military Academy where all airship study takes place. The Military Academy is famous for its research into power systems. The Power system has two functions: the floating lift which enables the ship's ability to climb and the driving force which propels the ship forward. The floating lift had been discovered already, scholars then developed an exact and complicated power system: the Magic Kinetic Engine. This is the driving force behind the airship. It can bear the weight of huge ships and provide powerful thrust at the same time.

The Culture Academy is responsible for nurturing the political potential of noble class children. With the completion of a new city, it's necessary to learn how to be a qualified archon. Scholars believed that the Erl Continent still exists because they found fete towers, built by three early Erl people, the West, East and South, after they first arrived. They believed that the North also had one but it disappeared for some reason. This belief may seem strange but it is in fact reasonable. An invisible force gave them reason to believe that the North also had a tower. The legend of the Erl Continent led them to believe that the fete towers also produced fireworks but these hadn't been seen for a long time before being recreated by science. In addition, the Culture Academy has assumed the responsibility for magic study but so far progress has not been satisfactory.

V. Airship Development

Welcome to Freesky 701342268

Europeans also showed a great interest in airship technology. Although this interest was seen as an eccentric hobby rather than a discipline, the thermal airship was invented.

Thermal airships' safety record is very poor; there have been many crashes, especially in the cold northern lands. After a crash in which several members of the aristocracy were killed, the monarch ordered a ban on airship flights.

The discovery of the Holy Magic Spar renewed interest in this field, long before the Magic Spar was regarded as a harmful substance. At the time research could only be carried out in secret and the results were not always good. Since people didn't know enough about the Magic Spar, mistakes were often made and this caused explosions. Everyone despised it and the mad eccentric who made the discovery was called "Devil". Royalty was unconcerned with his activities so the only obstacles the "Devil" faced were criticism from the public. He suffered unprecedented attacks and as a result airship development was stopped once again. Fortunately, the empire understood the benefit of scientific research and the archon actually financed a science establishment. The Devil became a scientist and received his own laboratory facilities. Even if his experiments resulted in explosion this was all in the spirit of science. This was the start of the brilliant "Technology Renaissance Age". During the 30 years of the Technology Renaissance Age huge advancements in technology were made, including the invention of floating dynamics.

The first airship made by the empire used floating power; thrust was still an old-fashioned means of propulsion. This new power source was located at the tail of the airship in a small jet ballonet as opposed to the huge thermal ballonet that was used previously. It was also much lighter and didn't require heat.

This type of airship was just still in the early stages of development. The small jet ballonet could only maintain short-term flights and could not support heavy goods. In order to meet the investors' requirements, scientists had to add a bigger jet ballonet on top of the airship. This modification of the airship drove the New Continent into the Airship Time (Time of the Airship).

Although the use of floating power greatly improved the airship's safety, people were still fearful of using such a craft. Although there were a lot of brave people willing to try, their actions could not convince the public to accept the airship. It took a highly influential person to change public perception, Ron the emperor. It was a memorable day at the Federal Acropolis central plaza, after his stirring speech, the hero emperor got into the airship which had been specially named "Ron's" and began a one month test flight. Even after two centuries, we can still see the painting which represents the scene of the weather-beaten "Ron's".

Good hardwood which from the ladder forest also provided an necessary materials to improved airship. The structure of the second generation airship has changed totally, it mainly due to the R&D of the magic crystal, the scientists is happily to use the magic crystal power system instead of the enormous jet ballonet. Simple to describe
The tremendous noise caused by the airships' giant jet ballonets filled the sky of New Continent for a decade. Floating power is highly reliable and reduces the chance of accidents; gradually people came to accept this safe and efficient vehicle. However, with the birth of the floating land, airship development became essential. Hardwood from the ladder forest provided the necessary materials for airship improvement. The structure of the second generation airship is completely different; this is mainly due to the R&D of the magic crystal. Scientists are happy to use the magic crystal power system instead of the enormous jet ballonet. In simple terms magic crystal power is a reasonable use of the instability of magic spar. Although magic spar is a powerful explosive when damaged, scientists developed a specialized device to carefully store and release the energy in order to power the airship. This device is commonly known as the "engine".

The engine power uses a very small portion of the early magic crystal kinetic energy; mainly due to the fact that the level of engine production at the time was slow. Metal engine manufacturers generally operated out of small workshops and craftsmanship was a major problem. Although metal can effectively resist its destructive power, the design of the power jet could not meet scientists' needs, because magic spar kinetic energy is a cold kinetic energy, and as a result they had to give up magic spar kinetic energy as a power source. The second generation of airship far exceeded the first generation airship in terms of speed and design, even though they were unable to manufacture a high power engine, the hull was more compact or more spacious, and the use of hardwood also increased the hull's stability. The use of a second generation airship would take another decade. Scientists were still looking to improve its technology. During this time many people studied the process technology on their own and left their jobs to become technicians. A technician was a very sought-after occupation. The military and natural academy united to set up specialized disciplines, even workers in the workshop received good salaries. The level of engine production improved slowly but surely and airship designs became even more elaborate. 20 years after the Technology Renaissance, the empire financed the construction of large-scale carpenters' workshops, power workshops and a military industry. Parts production finally reached an adequate level.

The last few decades of the Technology Renaissance are the most prosperous and progressive decades of the empire. Airship technology made many breakthroughs and experience rapid development. The third generation airship has seen the largest change in power system and hull and further strengthening the design has been the new idea of the light sail thrust. The light power sail is comprised of numerous propellers made from magic spar and distributed evenly within the special sail. It's more powerful than the force generated by an engine and it's suitable for use on large ships. However, this airship is expensive and was mostly used to transport goods. Costs of the light sail made widespread availability of this type of airship seem impossible. The light sail airship was primarily used to service royalty and to delight the public. By this stage the 30 years of

Technology Renaissance were almost at an end. Of course back then people didn't realize that they were living in an age which was to be praised by their descendants. It was going to be another two hundred years before the empire saw the second miraculous era.

At the end of the Technology Renaissance, the flourishing magic spar trade generated a profusion of pirates. The Church Cavalier Fleet took the lead in equipping themselves with artillery; this is the first generation attack airship. Although the development of artillery technology was slow, the weaponry transition from tank to airship was tremendous.

The Church Cavalier Fleet won people's respect because of their advanced firepower and the fact that they almost eradicated pirates once and for all. The birth of the first attack airship drove scientists into a frenzied pursuit of technology. Except for attack airships and frigates which didn't require any special modification, the light sail and large hardwood keel was finally used in the manufacturing of battleships when the empire started the civic guards plan.

The Civil Guards' plans for the large warship were completed successfully and many heroic battles were recorded. Warship design was continually improved upon, specifically in the areas of firepower and defensive abilities. Attack airships, frigates and battleships became the main weapons of war. The war demanded that flagships, heavy ships, huge ships and sky fortresses be produced quickly. The refinement of artillery allowed for ships to be fitted with required cannon freely in accordance with production cost and technology level. Some weapons include smoothbore cannon), breech-loading cannon, and tapered-bore gun which is filled with powder. Other high tech weapons are used as well, such as magic spar artillery which produces a highly destructive explosion. All of these weapons were invented by quirky but brilliant scientists. The power systems, which have been regarded as highly important for centuries, have been modified so that a ship can carry multiple units. Multiple power systems are necessary so that a heavy ship with a strong defensive system can challenge large ships. Multiple engines are only marginally effective, however, because they do not increase the speed of a heavy ship with metal and hardwood armor.

The development of airships is considered a huge success even though their creation was necessitated by war. The deficiencies of magic spar energy release are too great, however, and the ability to fly continually has not been resolved. The progress of a Holy Spar city is still restricted by the limitations of airship development, and some think that the only reason the war did not intensify was that technological development could not keep up with human ambition.

VI. The blueprint of a new era

Welcome to Freesky 101488767

Entering this world with the knowledge of its ancient culture gives you a special edge. Now you have choices to make: Light, Shadow, Deity, or Devil. Do you want to engage in war or uphold the peace? It's up to you. Join the force of justice and fight against evil. Freesky may be a legend but it will also prove to be your greatest challenge. Only you can solve the mystery.

Open the door to Freesky, and release the last secret of the world.

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