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 Sky Market opens Up

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Sky Market opens Up Empty
PostSubject: Sky Market opens Up   Sky Market opens Up EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 3:55 am

Sky Market Opens Up
Since its release, Freesky Online has continued to build on its initial success. Our players seem to especially enjoy the exciting events we're constantly holding, so without further ado, we've opened the doors on the Sky Market just for you!
What is the Sky Market, you may be thinking.

1.Exactly, what is the Sky Market?
The Sky Market is the Item Mall on our official website. The currency used in the Sky Market is Sky Coins. Players can use these Sky Coins to purchase various mall items.

2.How do I obtain Sky Coins?
Players can exchange their online time for Sky Coins. 1 hour can be exchanged for 10 Sky Coins.

3.How is Online Time counted?
If you've got 2 or more characters under one account, then only the character with the longest time online will be counted.

To be fair, all players' online time will be counted only from the moment the Market opens(at 11:59pm,August 12th). Some players, without any Sky Coins in their accounts, may miss out on enjoying the items provided. With this in mind, we will hand out 200 Sky Coins to every account to help players get familiar with the Sky Market. These accounts were created before 11:59pm, August 12th, 2009.

In due time, we will provide transition crystals and various blueprints for players to choose from.

Sky Market opens Up Skymarket

Sky Market opens Up Sig2
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Sky Market opens Up
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